Our services in the field of consulting - preventive and safe.

Crises can affect any company. As made obvious by the recent COVID-19 pandemic, organizations must fully implement operational emergency management as central aspect of their structure so to be prepared at any time.

In Order to overcome crisis situations, it is, above all, essential to have effective and professional crisis management and communication.

Due to ERC Experience Research & Consulting’s chosen focus on crisis and disaster research, we primarily dedicate our consulting services to security-related aspects in companies. It is, most especially, a preventive, resource-saving, and thus sustainability-oriented approach that distinguishes us in the course of specific strategies to risk minimization and general risk management.

In the event of a crisis, we try to find ways out with the help of participatory measures, always keeping HR management in focus. Our expertise in dealing with large-scale incidents and the supervision of related research projects enables us to offer our private sector client base professional handling of challenging situations.

– Let us provide you with the necessary competencies to lead your company safely out of crises!

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